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TenPoint Type Specimen #1

210 x 300 mm (folded), 840 x 595 mm (folded-out)
London, UK
First published 2021
Editor: Paul McNeil and Hamish Muir
Art director: Paul McNeil and Hamish Muir 

A poster-magazine and typographic experimental bonanza all-in-one from the type designers behind Eye’s series of unique front covers for their 94th issue. For those who require the technical chat, the team behind (the gorgeously gold and neon pink) TenPoint Type Specimen #1 explain the purpose of their posterific experiment: 

‘MuirMcNeil TenPoint is a modular type system constructed from repetitions of a single open cell within a fixed grid. It is an experiment in progressively reducing alphabetic forms to the tipping point between their function as carriers of information and pure abstractions.

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