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The Irregular Times #2

290 x 380mm, 48 pages plus comic strip
New Delhi, India (English and Kannada language)
Published since 2021
Managing editor: Tarini Sethi
Features editor: Vasudhaa Narayanan

The Irregular Times is adamantly a newspaper, not a magazine, so it may at first seem out of place at magCulture. But make no mistake, from content to design, it is a rather magazine-y newspaper, and we welcome it on our shelves. In being a newspaper, TIRT remains accessible to all sorts of people, including those who may feel magazines are not for them. The goal with each issue is to ‘showcase art, design, music, and photography in its most honest, uncensored form’ while exploring themes of gender, sexuality, identity, and mental wellbeing. It’s fascinating on these terms, but even more so for the fact it’s published from India, a country we don’t see so many publications from.

Issue two is focused on ‘Landmarks and Landmines’ as ways to imagine and design speculative futures envisioned by people of colour. It is a very hopeful imagining as well as a resistance to the consequences of the slave trade, colonialism, and imperialism. Step through the TIRT portal into futuristic utopias and be inspired to imagine your own.

Every issue of TIRT includes an extra element, in this case a limited edition screenprinted comic by Anand Shenoy.


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