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Ton #1

230 x 300mm, 230 pages
London, UK
First published in 2023
Editor-in-chief: Jermain Gallacher
Editorial director: Ted Stansfield
Art director: Rory Gleeson
This exciting new magazine is based on the premise that we are going through a new golden age of interiors, as our homes become places through which we express our personalities.

Its image-orientated large pages reflect the interests and taste of young designer/collector Jermaine Gallacher, highlighting a new generation of designers creating ‘the spicy, the spiky, the spunky, and the punky.’ These include Barnaby Lewis, Madeline Thornalley, Andu Masebo and Miranda Keyes as well as more established names like Dave Baby.

On the Journal
At work with Jermaine Gallacher: ‘The name Ton connotes weight and heft, but also society and community, which ties in with the magazine, which we want to reflect a community of fresh makers and tastemakers.’

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