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Noble Rot #31

170 x 230 mm, 116 pages
London, UK
Editors: Dan Keeling & Mark Andrew
Art director: Dan Keeling
Designer: Rachel Dalton

From the people behind the eponymous London restaurant and wine bar comes the magazine that started it all. This gorgeously vibrant issue is The Birthday Issue! Celebrating 10 years and over 30 issues of Noble Rot magazine.

From the editor, Dan Keeling: 'Thirteen may be unlucky for some but I’m sure that there could not have been a more fortuitous time to launch a magazine blurring the lines of ‘WINE MUSIC FOOD LIFE’ than 2013. ... Looking back now, we’re bursting with happiness that Noble Rot has told the stories of so many of our favourite vignerons, interviewed our artistic heroes and heroines, published thrilling writers, illustrators and photographers. ... It’s been a stellar decade alright, which we toast in this, our 10th birthday issue, with a cast of sainted Rotters.' Cheers to that!

On the Journal:
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