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Present Space #1

250 mm x 310 mm, 300 pages (hardback)
London, UK
Founder and creative director:  Nima Habibzadeh
Art direction: Edouard Berard, Benjamin Moquet, Théo Pontoizeau

Created by creative director Nima Habibzadeh, Present Space is a lush new publication for 2023. Hardbacked and glossy with high quality visuals throughout, Present Space 'brings together a community of creatives who use storytelling and art to ignite conversations related to social and political issues in the world we live in across fashion, art, music and film.'

Issue one, themed 'Exits and Entrances' features work by Thijs Biersteker, Janicza Bravo, Ellie English, Eva Fàbregas, Root Creative Global, Fiona Godivier, Damien Jalet, Diana Markosian, Melina Matsoukas, Ryan Pfluger, Nicholas Préaud, Andrés Reisinger, Georgina Starr and Vlad Zorin.

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