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The European Review of Books #1

200 x 270, 260 pages 
Maastricht, Netherlands (English-language) 
First launched 2022
Founding editors: George Blaustein, Sander Pleij and Wiegertje Postma
Print design: Patrick Doan
Digital design: Léna Robin

'Books? Review? Europe? A European Review of Books would sound thrice-doomed. And yet here we are.'

Here they are indeed. The brand new ERB, 'a magazine of culture and ideas', is made up of some of the things you'd expect: fiction, essays, poetry, art, and reviews. It contains stuff about Europe and stuff from Europe. Long-form and short-form. 

But there are also things inside you might not expect to find: pops of colours, 'pearls' of wisdom, multilingual articles, and pages joined together by perforated edges which need to be (gently) torn open with fingers, giving an altogether new reading experience and allowing you to keep track of your progress through the publication.

An ambitious launch for 2022 and one we're looking forward to getting to know better.

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