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Backstage Talks #7

195 x 270 mm, 166 pages
Bratislava, Slovakia (English-language)
First published in 2016
Editor-in-chief: Martin Jenča
Editor: Zuzana Kvetková
Art director: Martin Jenča
Design: Chloe Scheffe

Backstage Talks is an interview magazine about how design can change business for better by making things useful and beautiful. Filled with detailed interviews and essays by leading creatives and designers, this time including Brian Collins, Hedda Lilling and Tereza Muller, plus contributions from Kati Krause, Kurt Woerpol and Ana Kras. The theme this time is how to share empathy between clients, teams and your self.

While the magazine has always looked the part—a magazine about design needs to make use of design!—this issue it’s had a makeover courtesy of US editorial design star Chloe Scheffe. Already one of our favourite designers, the typography, colour and structure she uses here is remarkable, and worth picking up the magazine for alone (the cover gives a sense of what to expect).

On the Journal
At work with Martin Jenca: ‘The collaboration was perfect and really fast. Chloe is a superhuman. So, I trusted her and let her do the work. Usually, I heavily art direct the magazine, but not this time. I wanted for me a new experience and to be surprised when I open our magazine. The result is perfect.’
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