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Batshit Times #3

165 x 240 mm, 300 pages
Brooklyn, US
First published 2020
Published every 18 months
Editor-in-chief/Art director: Peter McCain

If ever there was a magazine that might capture the overwhelmingly anxiety-ridden background vibe of all the existential memes and gifs that millennials (and co) share between one another on the daily, chunky, experimental art publication Batshit Times might be it. 

Inside, its sombre-matte pages are filled with archival images, generative art, heat maps, digital illustrations, photography, and other ephemera, as well as prose, poetry, essays, interviews, and a noteworthy interview with creative director and ‘purveyor of nihilistic memes and breaking news’ (as Interview magazine recently described him) Ben Ditto.

What’s most intriguing are the questions posed in the intro to the issue: 'As artists and thinkers, how do we grapple with this sudden shift in reality? ... What are we doing to feel something in this state of heightened anxiety? How do we make sense of the ruins, and who will rise from the ashes?’ Answers on the back of a postcard.

From the Journal:
‘We’re seeing AI pop up across many magazines at present, but none are taking advantage of current experiments with the technology in such an explicit manner as Batshit Times. Nor at such depth—its 300 pages are really an analogue Instagram feed, sharing just enough of each artists work before you turn to the next one.’
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