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Buffalo Zine #16

280 x 210mm, 422 pages
London, UK/New York, US (this edition)
Publishers and creative direction: Adrián González-Cohen, David Uzquiza
Editor-in-chief: Adrián González-Cohen
Arts editor-at-large: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Fashion director: Tati Cotliar 

Welcome to the Buffalo Hotel Chelsea, New York. We hope you enjoy your stay.

One of the most ambitious editions of Buffalo Zine to date (and that's saying something) the Buffalo Hotel Chelsea edition sees the Buffalo team move into the legendary, red-bricked Hotel Chelsea in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. From this temporary base, they produced the entire issue over the summer.

The now designated landmark has been home to a plethora of writers, musicians, artists, film makers and more: Bob Dylan wrote songs there, Jack Kerouac has scribbled notes on their bedside tables, Stanley Kubrick, Uma Thurman and Eddie Izzard have spent the night. Madonna lived there, Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin had an affair there. Chet Baker, Nico, Tom Waits, Jim Morrison and Patti Smith (who made it onto one of the covers) have all spent time there.

In the words of editor Adrián González-Cohen, ‘This issue is about opening windows and letting the air flow. Buildings are not dead or alive, but people give them life.’

Want to hear more? Listen to our interview with Adrián and David Uzquiza on the latest magCulture podcast. 
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