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Gossamer #8

215 x 260 mm, 146 pages
New York, US
First published in 2018
Editors: Verena von Pfetten and David Weiner
Art directors: Kristína Bartošová and Verena Michelitsch

For people who smoke weed. Gossamer's holey-est issue yet is themed Space, with a ‘focus on the intangible and unknown, and the ways in which we fill space.’

New for this issue is a 13mm drilled hole at the centre of the universe, ahem... magazine, punched from cover to cover. Flip through for the satisfaction of seeing letterforms and text deftly curve around the void, or how it fits perfectly into a landscape of intergalactic fruit.

On the Journal:
Page 23, ‘Always a vividly bright, happy piece of editorial design, Gossamer has recently been adding tactile effects. ‘We always want to take advantage of the magazine as a physical object—it’s why we print a magazine in the first place,’ the magazine’s co-founder Verena von Pfetten explained to me.
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