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Viscose Journal #3

150 x 197 mm, 266 pages (inside fan-shaped cover, 177 x 370 mm)
Copenhagen / New York (English-language)
Founding editor-in-chief: Jeppe Ugelvig
Creative director: Filip Samuel Berg 
Guest co-editor (this issue): Cheuk Ng
Guest designer (this issue): echocatcher

This issue: Asias

Viscose is one of several magazines—think Vestoj, Novella— addressing the theoretical rather than commercial side of fashion.

This time around it examines one of the most enduring yet limited relationships in modern fashion—the West’s view of Asian clothing and design. We may be excited by Japanese catwalks, but our view of the rest of Asia sways between the new luxury consumerism and the sweatshop production practices of fast fashion. What’s really going on?

‘Viscose is a journal for fashion criticism. The name gestures to the possibilities in thinking about a certain material and materiality as the qualities of a critical project: neither solid nor liquid, neither truly natural (like cotton, wool, or silk) nor truly synthetic (like nylon or polyester).’

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