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Rouleur #120

210 x 290 mm
London, UK
Published eight times a year
First launched 2006
Editor: Edward Pickering
Art director: Enric Adell

'Cycling culture'

Independent road cycling staple Rouleur totes itself as 'the finest cycling journal in the world'. Published eight times a year, this latest edition, 'The Tours Issue', is a topsy-turvy, summery-yellow issue all about this year's Tour de France.

The topsy-turvy bit refers to the fact that this issue has 'two front covers, and two magazines, back to back; one based around the Tour de France Hommes, and the other around the Tour de France Femmes.' An interesting idea... 

Also worth noting is that the Tour de France celebrates its 120th birthday in 2023, just as the 120th issue of Rouleur hits the shelves which is really quite satisfying.

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