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Runaway #2, London

220 x 260 mm, 100 pages
Brooklyn, New York
Published by: Adama Muench and Jan Muench
Design by: Adam Johnson and Julie Haslam
Covers by: Aled Ordu

A restock of the second issue of the 'Run + Travel' magazine, their second issue zones in on London. With route suggestions, interviews, a slick shoe review here and there and plenty of London-loving photography. 

'Similar to Runaway's home across the Atlantic, London has seen its share of darker clouds recently. Watching this city run day and night will reassure you that it not only has the grit to prevail, but it will also continue to inspire and create our future.'

Each issue of Runaway is a guide to a different city somewhere in the world, aiming to both find what makes the place unique and to encourage the reader to lace up and run there.

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