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Shukyu #10

182 x 257 mm, 164 pages
Tokyo, Japan (Japanese & English-language)
First published 2015
Editor-in-chief: Takashi Ogami
Art director/design: SO (So Hashizume)
Editor: Naoki Usuda

This is The Future Issue of the Japanese football mag which also celebrates its 10th issue in 2022: 'Two years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic declaration, and while the mask life continues, the world is changing at a dizzying pace. Given what has happened in the world over the last two years, even the future one year from now is unpredictable, but in this issue I would like to think about what football should be like in the future. [...]

'How do you connect the paths you received from the past to the future, like Arsene Wenger's words, "The path is for the future. It is neither the past nor the present." It's up to us who have the ball now. Let's create the future together.'

Includes a (very handy) English translation booklet.

On the Journal
About a previous issue: ‘The latest issue of Japanese football mag Shukyu is a world cup special. What makes that notable is it’s the magazine’s first world cup; their first issue appeared only three years ago, they’ve not published alongside the tournament yet.

The subject plays to the magazine’s strength, its photography. Recent issues have added a booklet of English text translations but for me it’s always been the imagery (photo and illustration) that appeals. Partly because of the basic quality of the images, but also the way they’re used in the Japanese layout design is so different to how we in the west crop and place images.’ Read on…

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