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230 x 300 mm, 122 pages
Editor-in-chief: Florence Huet
Art director: Elisa Martin

'Paper pages celebrating emotional juggling'

Another graduate of magCulture's Flatplan from 2020, the Sweden-born YANA looks at juggling – the 'complex and diverse art form' – in a fun and entirely different way, while challenging the exclusionary aspects of the community. 

Lovingly written and created, with accompanying postcards and delicate inserts, this second issue intriguingly explores the notion of juggling as a landscape. As the opening story professes:

'Juggling could be a fjord, for its vastness, depth, abyss and quietness. A beautiful landscape difficult to access. A vibrant scene of life. A site of consciousness. A spot to confront fears and open cracks... A companion of insomnia. A cry. Ephemeral as we are.'

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