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Arablit Quarterly, Vol. 4, #4

210 x 270 mm, 188 pages
First published 2018
Editor-in-chief: M Lynx Qualey
Art director: Hassân Al Mohtasib
Guest editor: Ali Al-Jamri

Introducing ArabLit Quarterly, born of a blog created by a group of translators, the print publication has been exploring poetry, creative writing, stories, culture, heritage and language since 2018. This latest issue is a 'celebration of stories and poetry that are oral, anti-professional, transgressive, strange, and fantastical.' 

A little history perhaps? 'The ArabLit collective started in 2009 as a blog, opened by M Lynx Qualey. It won a 2017 Literary Translation Initiative Award at the London Book Fair, and in the fall of 2018 launched ArabLit Quarterly magazine.'

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