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I Came For Cous Cous #2

210 x 275 mm, 176 pages
Paris, France (English and French-language)
Founder, editor-in-chief and creative director: Mouna Anajjar
Art director: Salina (Eugenia Luchetta and Marco Minzoni)
Translators: Basak Balkan and Seth Sherwood

A brand new mag for 2022, this is the second issue of the bilingual (and brilliantly titled) publication I Came For Cous Cous explores 'the Arab world', as it's commonly referred to. This phrase, in editor Mouna Anajjar's words, 'is yet another example of "dividing the world into worlds". But what exactly is it to be Arab? It's a complex puzzle with no unified answer.'

Here to 'reveal its curves and folds, to capture its movements and vibrations', I Came For Cous Cous, does so through English and French-language interviews and essays, vibrant visual pieces and even a collection of recipes. It's quite the adventure...

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