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Jacobin #51

225 x 275 mm, 128 pages
New York City, US
Publisher: Remeike Forbes
Editorial director: Bhaskar Sunkara
Design director: Lauren Traugott-Campbell

The most recent issues of Jacobin have seen the New York-crafted magazine expand; in terms of its physical size, pagination and (by the looks of things) its team, which has also seen a reshuffle. The long standing American and global politics publication now sports a glossy cover and a bold new logo. A welcome refresh, if we do say so ourselves.

With the strap line ‘Reason In Revolt’, Jacobin tackles politics from a firmly leftist standpoint, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. 

Age is just a number in the latest issue as Jacobin addresses the older elephant in the room. The cover story declares ‘The Welfare State Can Survive the Great Aging,’ while other features explore architect Kate Macintosh's modernist housing for the elderly, French retirees and the fight to save their pension program, and the making of the modern Millennial socialist.

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