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Mother Tongue #5

190 x 240 mm, 132 pages
Houston/Los Angeles, US
First published 2021
Founders and editors: Melissa Goldstein and Natalia Rachlin
Creative director and designer: Vanessa Saba

Mother Tongue was launched by two mothers tired of the traditional media portrayal of motherhood. In place of idealised aspiration and agony aunt problem-solving, the boldly-designed magazine focuses on the complex, real lives of mothers and the issues they share around 'art, sex, pop culture, politics, food and a few things in between.'

This edition, the fifth so far, is one of nostalgia and a little bit of sadness. Get ready to sit with your feelings, friends: 'In Issue #5 we talk about—of marriage, of life, of the world as we know it. We get nostalgic about the sublime weirdness of Anne Geddes and make a list of virgin births (besides the obvious). We navigate the unchartered territory of embryo adoption and find meaning in fermented fruit...'

On the Journal:
At work with Mother Tongue, 'The pandemic was definitely our spark, because we both (had to) put work on pause to stay home with our kids when schools shut down in the spring of 2020. The load on mothers the world over just got so intense, and we felt like there were so few arenas to have candid, more nuanced conversations about the realities of motherhood today...' READ MORE

On Vimeo:
magCulture meets Mother Tongue, recorded at the magCulture Shop on 30 June 2022.
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