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Revive #2

210 x 300 mm, 148 pages 
Montreuil, France (English and French-language)
Published since 2018
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Célia Cotelle
Graphic design: Clotilde Guillou
Publisher: Association YA'KA

'Alternative, collective and ecological ways of life'

Revive questions the sustainability of the way we live and explores alternative approaches. The core of this issue is about togetherness with those featured discussing collective-living and actively choosing solidarity through means of the eco-community movement. With peaceful photography and a modest layout, Revive will ignite your curiosity around ideas about how to co-exist. 

‘The Revive adventure is, first and foremost, an invitation to let your imagination roam free. It is shaped by every encounter, grows richer by the day, and reaches past frontiers. By giving the spotlight to alternative voices, Revive aims to build a bridge – a bridge to a different world that may not be so distant after all...’

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