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Spike #78

216 x 280mm, 146 pages
Vienna, Austria & Berlin, Germany (German & English-language)
Published since 2004
Editor-in-chief: Rita Vitorelli
Art direction: Mirko Borsche

Spike is an art magazine. This issue is dedicated to The Night:

'The night is the domain of the fugitive, the unruly, the vagabonds between worlds, not quite here, not quite whole. Like a shadow, the hollow between sundown and sunup is the obverse of the day that casts it: candor freed from manners, dreams from reason, the face from its many masks. In a bed or at a rave, the dark shelters the rebellion against the sun's exigencies to order, to labour, to grow. But the night can also be too much, blurring the self's edges chemically, celestially, or with the murmurs of history's ghosts.

What is the source of such peril, such promise—perhaps the dark's very formlessness?'

On the Journal, about an earlier issue:

‘I love Spike magazine. The quarterly art magazine has been published since 2004 by artist Rita Vitorelli and has just reached its 50th issue. It follows an idiosyncratic editorial direction – part of its strength is its refusal to follow the crowd, and the art mag shelf is a crammed one. It’s not easy to stand out, but Spike’s mix of written and visual essays brings a more curatorial than editorial approach. And the main reason it stands out is its design.’ Read more

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