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Alla Carta #21

225 x 310 mm, 310 pages
Milan, Italy (English language)
Editor-in-chief: Yara De Nicola
Art direction: Tommaso Garner, Daniel Sansavini

In this molto glittery edition, Milanese staple Alla Carta takes inspiration from the 1997 sci-fi videogame Nirvana X-ROM, companion game to the film 'Nirvana' by Gabriele Salvatores.

In the film/game, the main character come into 'contact with a virus that provides him a form of consciousness, which [results in] him wishing to be dead so as not to live in that digital world, made of fiction.' 

This is an issue all about fact/fiction, analogue/digital, human/non-human. In their own words, 'We can affirm that social media, internet, civil aviation, astronautics, the telegraph, railways, the invention of the wheel are expressions of an ancient urge to emancipate from ourselves, to get out of our body, escaping the constraints of space and time.' It's all a bit Matrix-y, plus glitter.

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