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After all, there is No Finish Line

110 x 178 mm, 194 pages (paperback)
Provo, Utah, US
Published 2023
Editors: Sam Grawe, Jay Paavonpera and Nick Schonberger
Design: Zak Group

This pocket-sized paperback by cult publishers Actual Source presents 50 years of Nike, celebrating the iconic brand's innovative history and (as the title suggests), presenting an open-ended design vision for the decades to come. An experimental, manifesto-like collection of essays and speculative fiction that draw from the brand's many designers, scientists and athletes, paired with a rich mix of archival material, illustrations by Bráulio Amado, and almost glowing image treatments, all monochrome.

As for the title? No Finish Line references one of Nike’s earliest campaigns from 1977, and is, as Chief Design Officer John Hoke puts it, ‘an expression of our belief in the limitless potential of sport — and design.’

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