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Cabinet #67

200 x 248 mm, 114 pages
New York, US
First published in 2000

Cabinet returns after two years unpublished. The sort of publication whose name its devotees casually drop in conversation to identify fellow initiates, it's an art magazine with very little art, but rather a curious and discursive mindset that perhaps reflects the thought-processes of many artists (and certainly those of its star roster of contributors).

This issue is themed ‘Dreams’, and is the penultimate print edition; the magazines move online only after issue 68.

From the Journal:
‘The magazine has always served as a refuge from stuffy academia, casting a magnifying glass over the overlooked or obscure. It’s exciting too that whole books will emerge from past Cabinet articles – proof that magazines are still very much the launchpad for new writers, artists, and ideas.’  READ MORE

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