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ESP #2

180 mm x 270 mm, 146 pages
Tokyo, Japan (English-language)
First published in 2020
Editor-in-chief: Masanobu Sugatsuke
Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

This issue: ‘The glitch in the art system’

ESP or, to give it its full title, ESP Cultural Magazine (also briefly known as Esperanto Culture Magazine) is a Tokyo-born, internationally-focused magazine exploring culture for ‘Whole Earth Citizens’ (and ‘Extra Sensorial People’).

Alluding to both Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) and Miles Davis's 1965 record of that namethe magazine may have a new name but, as editor-in-chief Masanobu Sugatsuke writes in their editor's letter, ‘We changed our title—but we didn't change our spirit. We believe that the mission of a cultural magazine is to decipher the current zeitgeist, despite the hardship of our times.’

What that translates into is a headlong rush through a broad range of the creative arts as they are found during the global pandemic, proposing that this ‘glitch’ is an opportunity to fix issues that have been put aside for too long: diversity, democracy and the depiction of social issues.

With a typically playful design from Amsterdam’s Experimental Jetset, the issue includes Marina Abramovic, Olafur Eliasson and Hans Ulrich Obrist among its contributors.

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