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Gatekeeper #2

210 mm x 280 mm, 87 pages
First published 2020
Created by: Lucy Alves & Natascha Ng

In their own words: 'At Gatekeeper, we believe that artists’ careers should not be controlled and dictated by a higher power, *hint* our name is ironic. Instead of picking and choosing works of art subjectively, we research an eclectic mixture of art, writing and initiatives that tackle the enormous topic of the art market.'

This second issue explores the word 'Indespensible' and features work and writing by Jonathan Barnbrook, Anastasia Fjodorova, All Mouth Gallery, Stella Botes, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Greg Rook, Migrate Art, Kengwu Yerlikaya, Tom Wilmott and Jade French.

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