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Gaze #5

210 x 280 mm, 124 pages 
Paris, France (Bilingual French and English-language)
First published 2020
Founder: Clarence Edgard-Rosa
Art director: Juliette Gabolde

'La revue des regards féminins'

Bilingual, Parisian magazine Gaze explores 'the intimate, cultural and political issues of womanhood.' Through storytelling, immersive reporting, and compelling photography, Gaze puts inclusion at the forefront of its (always aesthetically-pleasing) content.

In this issue: 'Warrior Womens Rest', creating a space for feminists to  r e s t . Inside, Gaze 're-appropriates the sexist expression born in the 19th century to make it a manifesto for self-care.' Amen to that.

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