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Retrospective #1

370 mm x 550 mm, 24 pages
Hertfordshire, UK (English and Italian-language)
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Glauco Della Sciucca 
Editorial directors: Lorenzo Tamburini, Glauco Della Sciucca, Maria Di Paolo
Publisher: Ghislandi & Gutenberg

Taking on a broadsheet form, brand new international quarterly Retrospective comes straight from the desks of recently created publishing house, Anglo-Italian Ghislandi & Gutenberg, and covers all manner of art and culture from the UK, Italy and beyond.

Inside you’ll find takes on art, cinema, literature, theatre, history, architecture, philosophy and more. They really pack it in. The headline story for this first issue, for example, reads: ‘“Speech is to poetry as sound is to music.“ Art and its value in a time of changes.’ Che Buono!

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