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Revue Faire #42

210 x 297mm, 32 pages
Paris, France (Bilingual, French & English)
First published in 2017
Editors: Sacha Leopold & Francis Havegeer
Design: Syndicat
Authors (of this issue): Victoire Le Bars & Benjamin Thorel

‘12 or 13 things I know about F.R.David’

Published every 15 days during the French university year, September to June, Revue Faire is a vital addition to the small selection of journals addressing graphic design from a critical standpoint. Every issue consists of a single essay on a different creative subject, presented in the magazine’s glorious graphic style.

This issue tells the story behind experimental Dutch magazine F.R.David, examining how editor Will Holder has made the conversation between publisher and reader central to his magazine across its 20 issues to date. All accompanied with plenty of visuals from those issues too.

On the Journal
At Work With founders Sacha and François:
‘We started Revue Faire as we finished being weekly lecturer in graphic design schools. But the publishing rhythm is based on the school schedule—an issue every 15 days, from September to June. The main purpose is to deliver every 15 days a kind of small course about one specific topic. In that way, one season can become a kind of visual culture course in 15 lessons.’
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