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See All This #26

205 x 270 mm, 180+ pages
Netherlands (English and Dutch-language)
Founding editor: Nicole Ex
Art director: Sabine Verschueren
Editor: Emma Clarkson

'For the love of art'

The latest edition of Dutch art magazine See All This is their 'meatiest yet'. From the 1932 cover image by Wanda Wulz lo + gatto (Cat + I), to the issue's Francis Bacon-inspired 'carnal creations', this is an edition exposing a reality most of us homosapiens are incredibly uncomfortable with: we are meat too. Intriguing stuff.

Interestingly, the pages of the magazine are set against 'the complete spectrum of human skin tones', inspired by Humanae, an ongoing project by photographer Angelica Dass.

'Thinking meat! Conscious meat! Loving meat. Dreaming meat. The meat is the whole deal!' (Terry Bisson, They're Made out of Meat)

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