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Spike #66 – Winter 2020/21

216 x 280mm, 162 pages
Vienna, Austria & Berlin, Germany
(German & English-language)
Editor-in-chief: Rita Vitorelli

This issue: The Therapy Issue: 'Here’s what we wanted: a deep, personal, painful appraisal of the art world as we know it.'

On the Journal:

‘I love Spike magazine. The quarterly art magazine has been published since 2004 by artist Rita Vitorelli, and has just reached its 50th issue. It follows an idiosyncratic editorial direction – part of its strength is its refusal to follow the crowd, and the art mag shelf is a crammed one. It’s not easy to stand out, but Spike’s mix of written and visual essays brings a more curatorial than editorial approach. And the main reason it stands out is its design.’ Read more of the good things Jeremy had to say about a previous issue.

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