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The Funambulist #46

200 x 250 mm, 81 pages
Paris, France (English-language)
Editor-in-chief: Léopold Lambert
Graphic design: Akakir Studio
Cover by:  Léopold Lambert

A magazine concerning the politics of space and bodies, which along with its podcast and blog, is building an archive for anti-colonial, anti-racist, queer, and feminist struggles. Recently redesigned, the magazine has shifted to an almost square format with a thin (as opposed to stapled) spine. The layout inside has also been freshened up.

This issue is themed 'Questioning Our Solidarities' and touches on allyship, how to move towards generative solidarities and unpacks the concept of post-post colonialism. 

On the Journal:
'Paris-based architect Léopold Lambert is the founding editor of The Funambulist, the resolutely anti-capitalist magazine dedicated to recording anticolonial, antiracist, queer, and feminist struggles...'

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