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The White Review #31

184 x 259 mm, 164 pages
London, UK
Published since 2011
Editors: Rosanna Mclaughlin, Izabella Scott & Skye Arundhati Thomas
Art direction and design: Thomas Swann

A platform for interviews, essays, poetry and fine art, The White Review recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. To give a sense of its initial aims, founding editors Benjamin Eastham and Jacques Testard considered the magazine ‘a space for a new generation to express itself unconstrained by form, subject or genre,‘ an ambition continued by current editor Francesca Wade.

In this issue, the idea of survival is explored: 'How to carry on in the aftermath of catastrophe? How to reckon with the spectres of history? How to transform an ordeal into something liveable – or even something pleasurable?'

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