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Twist #3

180 x 290 mm, 128 pages
Since 2022
Editors: Sam Harding and Manga Ngcobo
Designers: Osvald Landmark and Yusuf Sühan Bozkurt

'Text. Image. Suspense.'

TWIƧT is a high speed rail manufacturer, a bootleg Gucci bag dealer, a foreign exchange vendor, a parkour crew, a love letter, a unified field of everything. It is an emerging practice and a magazine aimed at animating, distorting and reforming the languages and objects of today’s tectonic arts for a modern audience.

Issue #3, with its spiral-bound spine, is a notebook and toolkit in conversation with those at the shattered edges of art, architecture, fashion, music, design and technology. It's particularly interested in language, or rather the limitations of and disintegration of communication and meaning. An intriguing addition to the magCulture shelves...

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