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Valet #2

205 mm x 145 mm, 290 pages
Cardiff, UK
Editor-in-chief: Luke Adams
Creative director: Kirill Savateev
Art director: Dasha Brazhenko

A petit and well-put-together publication dedicated to 'classic menswear and timeless style'. With glossy, vivid photography sitting alongside the matte pages of the magazine's essay-filled second section. Though it's anchored in men's fashion, Valet has a lot more up its sleeves...

In their own words: 'The discerning and sophisticated man doesn’t seek to be told what to do. He seeks the knowledge to empower his own decision making, and the confidence to know that those decisions are well informed. He doesn’t want to be told what to wear, but to be shown how to decide for himself...' 

This issue explores themes of time, ageing and death.

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