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Acne Paper #18

270 x 220mm, 500+ pages 
Stockholm, Sweden
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Thomas Persson
Art director: Fred Birdsall

Acne Paper returns with another chunky, bookish issue, this time reimagined as a make-believe Art Deco villa filled with 'a fantasy collection of furniture, art and objects' through the ages. Welcome to the 'House of Acne Paper'.

Each of its nine chapters—or rather, rooms—are marked by an architectural section through the space matching the soft watercolour of the villa's elevation on the cover, a series illustrated by Pablo Bronstein. And within each room, a photoshoot, an interview and a catalogue of furnishings, all appropriate for the space. 

Originally created to help lift the Acne Jeans brand in support of its metamorphosis into a full-on fashion label, the first 15 issues of Acne Papers came in a tabloid-format with a timeless, classic editorial design. This new format remains as smart as ever, yet is quite different to the earlier issues.

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