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BL8D #1

215 x 275 mm, 160 pages
Tallinn, Estonia (English and Russian-language)
Magazine first published in 2022
Editor: Maria Azovtseva
Art director: Konstantin Lobanov
Fashion director: Denis Kazantsev

This magazine is not what it was intended to be... Instead of a Russian 'moodbook for fashion creators', this first volume of BL8D was reborn an anti-military manifesto, 'a bastard—a magazine that should have never been released.'

In their own words, this alternative, obsidian edition—themed Old Scary Tale—has been created in alongside 'art experts, historians, designers and contemporary artists [researching] those mental doctrines and attitudes in Russian society that most tragically contributed to the war in Ukraine.'

'A week after the war had started, our team decided to destroy the results of our almost year-long work and start from scratch...' Instead, we're left with this 'bastard' magazine. An object of immense intrigue in which fairytales are evoked throughout: 'This is a scary and very old fairy tale, the final chapter of which is being written right now...'

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