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Marfa #16

200 mm x 240 mm, 304 pages
London, United Kingdom
Marfeditor-in-chief: Alexandra Gordienko
Marfart: Julia Monsell

'Stressed Depressed Lemon Zest'

Contemporary high end fashion + art. In this issue: 'Last issue, things were EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY, now this time around it’s been a little harder. STRESSED DEPRESSED LEMON ZEST. Not to be down in the dumps though, we let the dirt slide right off our smooth skin.

'And here we have it, MARFA #16… Even when it’s pouring, the worms come up from the soil and dance with every raindrop. Like those wiggly darlings, be cheered by this issue’s lengthy chats with Phyllida Barlow, Karole Armitage, Whit Stillman and Daisuke Tanabe.'

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