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Marfa #20

 200 mm x 240 mm, 300+ pages
London, UK
Marfeditor-in-chief: Alexandra Gordienko
Marfart: Julia Monsell

The is a landmark issue for contemporary high end fashion and art journal Marfa, who are proudly marking their ten year ‘MARFanniversary‘ with a host of friends old and new.

To celebrate their ‘decade of decadence‘, the team has finally nabbed Sofia Coppola for a chat and cover shoot (after ten years of trying, no less), as well as returning favourites Chloë Sevigny and Lily McMenamy, who looks the part amongst the art in a Tesco shopping bag-inspired fit. 

Inside, joining the celebrations are Omar El Lahib, Beverly-Glenn Copeland, Vicky Krieps and Ugbad Abdi, with plenty more contributions from Takashi Homma, Linda Engelhardt, Vanessa Reid, Senta Simond, Bianca Raggi, Alexandra Gordienko, EstherTheaker, Rachel Chandler, Makram Bitar, Jess Cole and others, as the Marfa teams toasts to ‘ten more years of erratic choices with unashamedly chic results.‘ Cheers!

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