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Munich Jewellery Week 2023

290 x 430 mm, large format broadsheet in foil sleeve
Rotterdam, The Netherlands (English-language)
Founder: Marina Elenskaya

Jewellery is such a popular creative medium, yet there is so little coverage of it in its own right. Current Obsession is the exception, a jewellery magazine and platform linking contemporary makers with those outside the field through print, lectures and exhibitions.

This special edition publication from Current Obsession is a broadsheet-style one (plus large-format posters) exploring this year's Munich Jewellery Week and 'a tangible yearly snapshot of the field of contemporary jewellery, beyond Munich and Europe.'

Inside: 'The centre spread this year belongs to one of contemporary jewellery’s most elusive and unique masters — Therese Hilbert, honoured this year at the Pinakothek der Moderne.'

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