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Plates of Meat #5

210 x 296mm
London, UK
First published 2020
Editor & art director: Silva Cunningham

Interspersed with peppy interviews, hand-scribbled soliloquies and 90s and 00s throwbacks, the zine-esque (in content, at least) Plates Of Meat is back with its fifth issue, themed ‘Fame’.

‘Fame. Competing, grasping to be the highest bidder for your eyes. Your time is valuable - so I must find out how to be worth enough for you to spend your time with me... looking at me... Fame is fleeting, success is fluid and being well known doesn’t suddenly make your life ‘better’ - I know all these things are true - but why do they all just feel like giving up? I hope both you and I can figure it out...’

From the Journal:
At work with Silva Cunningham, ‘When I left school I was told that ‘this is when you’ll grow up’ and the same thing when I started university… I think Plates of Meat is so fun to make because I feel like I get to enjoy the process of becoming an adult as opposed to worrying that I’m not adult enough yet.’
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