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Saliut #2

230 x 300 mm, 228 pages
Kyiv, Ukraine (English and Ukrainian-language)
Published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Nadiia Chervinska
Guest editor: Halyna Hleba
Art director: Hanna Kopylova
Covers by: Arsen Savadov and Valeriy Miloserdov

Featuring known and emerging Ukrainian artists and photographers, this new and intriguing magazine from Kyiv serves as a physical home for contemporary Ukrainian photography, and a way for those around the world to access it.

This is their second issue which explores the 90s, allowing 'a comparison between our warm nostalgic childhood memories and the turbulent and complex reality of that time.' Inside, documentary and street photography abound.

Supported by Osnovy Publishing, one of the oldest independent publishers in Kyiv, with support from Ukraininan Cultural Foundation.

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