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The Skirt Chronicles #9

152 x 218 mm, 146 pages + fold-out poster
Paris, France (English-language)
First published in 2017
Co-founders: Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo & Haydée Touitou

The Skirt Chronicles has been a favourite here at magCulture since it launched five years ago. A pocket-sized, collaborative magazine built on the relationship between the three young women behind it, it’s often hard to pin down as it journeys through literature, fashion, culture and beyond. Taking stock of its journey nine volumes in, the magazine reflects:

"The first three Volumes of
The Skirt Chronicles were made in total discovery, everything was new, each day learning more and more about what we were embarking upon. Then, Volumes IV, V, and VI were so fun to make, taking everyone by surprise—we were there. The following three were made sometimes remotely, yet never disconnected, at a time that challenged the world."

On the Journal, about issue six:
‘The latest edition of The Skirt Chronicles consolidates the Paris-based magazine’s unique position as ‘a magazine without rules.’ Addressing the theme ‘happy satisfaction and enjoyment,’ what other magazine might so coolly bring together these five stories?’ READ MORE

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