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Are We Europe #15

170 x 240 mm, 98 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English-language)
Editor-in-chief: Annaleen Ophoff
Creative director: Eddie Stok

Are We Europe is part of a larger 'border-breaking' project developing cross-country journalism across Europe.

This issue, 'Down to earth', reflects on how we live with and on the land often taken for granted, specifically focussing on the complexities of land rights and usage, whether it's in the slowly emptying Spanish countryside, the Sámi defending their forests of Finland or migrant labourers in Portuguese olive groves. 

A quick calculation dividing Europe's land mass by population size reveals that there's enough space to sustain us all — a hectare each, to be precise. And with that, the Are We Europe team asks us to consider this: 'A hectare each should house, feed and sustain every European. But not in practice. Which raises the question: who works the land — and who does it belong to?"

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