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Balcony #2

168 x 226mm, 190 pages
New York, US
Published since 2021
EditorAudrey Rose Smith
Art directors: Ben Fehrman-Lee & Julia Novich
Creative director: Vicente Muñoz

This compact magazine shares conversations between artists, presenting their voices as the primary source, the dialogues placed squarely in the everyday and thus avoiding the conventions of the form. It is unpredictable in format, a delicious balance of paper, fonts and colours, leaving you eager to turn each page.

This second issue explores Closeness.

On the Journal
At work with founders Audrey and Vicente:
We love the intimacy of live conversations—the meandering thoughts and the humorous interludes, the environmental sounds heard in the background. We try our best to edit as honest to the transcript as possible, minus a few ums and buts.’
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