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Building Ligatures: The power of type

156 × 232 mm, 250 pages
Praha, Czech Republic
First printed 2022
Managing editor: Linda Kudrnovská
Design: Filip Blažek
Published by TogetherType

Building Ligatures: The power of type is a book by TypeTogether, who 'create innovative and stylish solutions to the greatest problems in the professional typography market worldwide.'

'In typography a ligature is a connection, an unbreakable bond between parts that results in something new, useful, and evocative. Over the course of its fifteen years in existence, the TypeTogether type foundry has built precisely that — both literally and figuratively. In Building ligatures: the power of type, TypeTogether’s cosmopolitan team of experts presents a cross section of the knowledge, experience, and best practices in type design, typography, and graphic design.'

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