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Jain's World #1

280 x 420 mm, 74 pages (spiral bound) + mounting tee
Los Angeles, US
First published in 2022
Creator: Chris Hovsepian
Designer: Valentin Pujadas

'Jain thinks outside the tee box. Do you?'

Meet Jain. A loveable little golfball of a character and the new 'home for the unconventional golfer' aiming to inject a bit of energy (and heaps of fun) into the traditions of the sport. More calendar-like than magazine, each illustrated page is a vertical visual delight. Plus, it comes with an accompanying metal tee for mounting on your wall. 

Get to know your new golf buddy's traits and mantras (playing and otherwise), stop by the gallery and the green, and take a trip to some of Jain's favourite spots for food, music and golf in Japan. A treat for anyone who plays the sport (and for those of us who don't).  

Jain's World! Jain's World! Putting time!(?) Excellent!

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