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Lodown #126

204 x 300mm, 146 pages
Berlin, Germany and (Somewhere) Austria
Editors: Goetz Werner and Yasmin Martinelli

Founded in 1995, Berlin-based Lodown offers a healthy dose of anti-establishment arts, interviews and board-sports. Highly visual, matte paper-paged and satisfying in the hands, this is the aesthetically pleasing ‘Vehicular’ issue which, as diehard fans will recognise, is the the magazine's sixth edition dedicated specifically to cars (the previous editions being Vèhicule, Vehicle, Vehikel, Vehiculo and Vehiculum). Spot a pattern?

‘For the majority of us, a car is simply a commodity that you unfortunately still need to own as long as public transportation networks let you down. With VEHICULAR - the same obviously can be said for its five predecessors - we consciously decided not to join ongoing debates but to look at all things motoric strictly from an artistic point of view, regardless of our individual concerns, beliefs, and attitudes. Because in the end, one could argue that personality is everything, especially when it comes to art.

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