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340 x 250mm, 416 pages
First published 2023 
Published by: Steve Lawrence and edited by Peter Hujar and Andrew Ullrick
Editor: Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez
Managing editor: James Hoff
Designer: Rick Myers

As The New Yorker wrote in a piece covering the release of this complete collection of Steve Lawrence's 14-edition publication: 'Newspaper, published out of an East Village apartment between 1968 and 1971, was one of a number of scrappy print publications circulating downtown in those years. Most of them were more radical, less serious, or far sexier alternatives to the established Village Voice. Unlike Rat, the East Village Other, or Screw, though, Newspaper’s news involved no words, only pictures.'

Black and white, almost entirely visual and featuring work created by a roster of over 40 artists (many of them queer), Newspaper includes both original and appropriated artworks and existed to capture a 'visual language' of the 1960s. Previously overlooked, this new publication brings all 14 issues together for the first time.

Limited edition of 4500 copies. 

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