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Noema #4

190 x 250 mm, 197 pages
Los Angeles, US
First printed in 2020
Editor-in-chief: Nathan Gardels
Art director: Farida Amar
Published by: The Berggruen Institute 

'Exploring the transformations sweeping our world'

Noēma is published by The Berggruen Institute 'established in 2010 to develop foundational ideas about how to reshape political and social institutions in the face of these great transformations.'

The fourth issue continues to the process of the third: from rupture to passage. Under no illusions of finding a linear progression, Noēma sets out to trace the complex web of the current historical passage and attempts to project the future implications.

Find inside essays on themes The Return of Civilisations, The Geopolitical Economy of De-globalisation, Carbon Purgatory, Beyond Electoral Democracy, The AI We Empower Will Demand More of Us, and A Greater Labour Share of Wealth. Plus, artist Petra Cortright's digital collage ‘A Defense of Beauty’ on the cover.

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